Honduran Church Builders

Fellowship of Builders

Henry Howells

The mission of Church of the Living Christ is to seek lost souls and to offer the hope they need for their lives that only comes from the Word of God. CLC is committed to preaching the Word of God in power and authority and to reaching our community for God. CLC has been in the Bridgewater area for over 35 years and is active in the community as a lighthouse and voice for Christianity. It is our desire to continue to grow and to build a place of worship right here on the Beaver River. We are a thriving, Spirit filled fellowship of believers who are dedicated to reaching, challenging and training disciples for the days to come. Ours's is a vision for the lost and growth. The Bible says: "Where there is no open vision the people perish." Our vision is to see God glorified and in doing so we are going to go and grow with Him.

Come and be a part of the vision for CLC. We need you and we pray that God's richest blessings will fall on you and that He will crown you with His glorious love.

Rev. Henry Howells Pastor Emeritas