Church of the Living Christ

"A Thriving Spirit-Filled Fellowship"

Pastor David Howells — Pastor Emeritus Henry Howells

A Year's End Message

Ho, Ho, Ho is the symbol of a legendary gift giver. Holy, Holy, Holy was the cry of the angels as the Giver of life was born to this world. One wears a red suit, while the other wore a robe stained in blood. Who is the real gift giver here? Jesus, we celebrate as the Child who came to lead His people to God Almighty.

Yes, a child came to lead them, but a Savior came to give us life, eternal life. A very Merry Christmas to all of you from the Howells family. Toni and David, Shirley and Henry and all who are ours.

Thank you for your care and friendship. We are family and we want you to know that as the year ends. Happy New Year and may God continue to bless you in 2020.