Church of the Living Christ

"A Thriving Spirit-Filled Fellowship"

Pastor David Howells — Pastor Emeritus Henry Howells

New Year 2020

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Toni and I want to tell you that we are breathlessly awaiting the New Year, 2020 to see what God is going to do here at Church of the Living Christ. Our theme for this year is “2020 Perfect Vision.” We want to see more clearly what God has for us in the Word, in our daily lives as we serve and honor Him, as we dedicate ourselves to outreach and reaching the lost for Jesus Christ.

It’s our desire that as you consider a New Year and what God has in store for it, that you take time and contemplate your roll in it. We want to be on the cutting edge of a move of God that will bring wide-spread healing and deliverance from brokenness and addiction to the Beaver Valley. In fact, some of the other ministers in the area have voiced that same desire. So, let 2020 be a year when we see churches and ministries band together, set the stage for a move of God and work side by side to see His Name glorified and those without a Savior find the Living One.

Irrevocably Committed to His Work,

Rev. Toni and Rev. David Howells. Senior Pastors at Church of the Living Christ (Bridgewater)