Church of the Living Christ

"A Thriving Spirit-Filled Fellowship"

Pastor David Howells — Pastor Emeritus Henry Howells


What does God have in store for His church in the new year? No one knows for sure, just like no one saw 2020 being the year of the pandemic. One thing I do know for sure and I share with you is that God has not forgotten His own nor has He gone on vacation.

2021 is the year of the restoration and occupation of the people of God. He will restore and heal the church which is the people of God and set His Word in their hearts that they will be an effective witness for His soon return. It’s about time church. “We must occupy until He comes.” (Luke 19:12-13)

The mandate has been given, the church mobilized, now is the time for His return. Remaining Faithful to the Call,

Rev’s David and Toni Howells Senior Pastors, Church of the Living Christ