Church of the Living Christ

"A Thriving Spirit-Filled Fellowship"

Pastor David Howells — Pastor Emeritus Henry Howells

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Toni and I would like to welcome you to 2022. May God's choicest blessings and strength be yours this year as we look forward to what God will do in CLC, this city, this county, this state, this nation and around the world. As we contemplate the New Year, the message that keeps going through our hearts and minds is the idea of "Receiving." It's time to "RECEIVE."

Our theme this year is learning how to receive what God has for us and in 2022, we are bulking up on the Word, RECEIVE. God wants to do so much more for us than what we allow and if we are going to receive all of it, then we must put ourselves in a place to receive. We are looking forward to growing our church, starting with new people, new ministry and a new perspective. God loves us and we must be willing to receive His love.

So, as we press into another year, begin to allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you through the Word and fellowship of like believers. There is a place for you here at CLC. Come join the fellowship, get ready to receive and make CLC your home. We are looking to advance the Kingdom in the LOVE and WORD of God. Toni and I love you and want the best for you in 2022. Come worship and be blessed. You'll be glad you did.

Pastors Dave and Toni Howells - Senior Pastors, Church of The Living Christ