Church of the Living Christ

"A Thriving Spirit-Filled Fellowship"

Pastor David Howells — Pastor Emeritus Henry Howells

Our response to COVID-19

Due to the nature of the virus the Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolfe, in cooperation with the Federal Government has issued this list of orders for every resident of the State. Gov. Tom Wolf on Monday March 18th extended his shutdown order to the entire state as the number of coronavirus cases in Pennsylvania continued to grow. The shutdown directive, which applies to nonessential businesses in all 67 counties, began Monday night at midnight and will be in place for two weeks, said Wolf, who urged residents to “stay calm, stay safe, stay home.”

As a Fellowship of God, it is our duty to be the example of how to care for our Church membership and visitors by continuing to bring you the Thursday night and Sunday service via internet by either: Live Streaming (eventually), or Facebook Live. We will continue to record the Sunday morning services on DVD and post them on the website. It is not our desire to police you, but we are submitting as the Bible says to those in authority over us. Please check the CHURCH OF THE LIVING CHRIST Facebook page for Thursday evening at 7PM and Sunday at 10:30AM. As you may be aware, we operate on tithes and offerings and since we cannot collect these in as timely a manner as necessary, we are requesting that if at all possible, please send your tithes and offerings through the mail so that we can continue to meet our obligations. (699 Riverside Drive, Beaver, PA. 15009).

We do love and appreciate every one of you and want God’s best for you. Thank you for being a part of our Spirit-filled Fellowship of believers. We thank you in advance for your cooperation as we navigate through these rough waters. God is still on the throne and He will protect and care for His own and so will the Church of the Living Christ.

Rev. David Howells. Senior Pastors at Church of the Living Christ (Bridgewater)