Go And Tell Ministries

Maranda Howells

Church of the Living Christ has always believed in the proclamation of the gospel from one generation to the next. The seeds sown today in faith contain the potential of a future harvest. GO and Tell Ministries is the fruit of that perpetuating faith. Maranda Howells, founder of GO and Tell Ministries, has attended CLC for much of her life and was a graduate of Beaver Valley Christian Academy, a Christian education ministry of Church of the Living Christ.

In 2001, she began to travel as an evangelist with Drs. Martin and Sharon Tharp of The Tharp Family Ministry to the school system of Northern Ireland doing free school assemblies and sharing the love of God and the importance of faith in Jesus with the children there. She has continued that journey, not only sharing God’s Word in Ireland with the kinds and in churches, but also in Honduras with her CLC family, in the Philippines, and across America. Just as she has been taught by example, her heart is to share a living, life-changing faith with this generation as well as the next, believing that the seed of God’s Word will always remain and bring forth a harvest as that Word is declared from one generation to another.

Maranda Howells Founder